Grease 2 at the Yale Cabaret
October 1-3, 1998 REVIEW

Adapted from the movie by
Lora Dole & Annie Dorsen
Directed by
Lora Dole
Music Adapted & Directed by
Shane Rettig

The Cast
Michael Carrington Jon Ecklund
Stephanie Zinoni Alexa Fischer
Johnny Nogerelli Chris Coffey
Paulette Rebchuck Joanna Glushak
Sharon Amy Morse
Frenchy Heather Robinson
Upchuck (Dolores) Geraldine Kok
Demucci Paul Wong
Goose Andy Cassano
Jaworski Eric Brown
Principal McGee B. Todi
Mr. Stuart Alec Wild
Nerd (Eugene) Chris deHaan
Cheerleaders Lisa Channer
Rebecca Rugg
Junkyard Guy Christopher Morris

The Band
The Shamans
Keyboard Shane Rettig
Guitar Jeff Herrmann
Bass Geoff Zink
Drums Rob Perry


Production Staff
Choreography by B. Todi
Sets by Lora Dole
Costumes by Marla Humphress
Lighting by Matt Richards
Stage Manager Cindy Kocher
Light Board Operator Mary Barnes

Artistic Director Annie Dorsen
Artistic Board Rob Devaney
Katherine Profeta
Brian Robinson
Rebecca Rugg
Adam Stockhausen
Managing Director Bruce Miller
Production Supervisor Jason Davis
Assistant Production Supervisor Scott Hansen
Head Chef Kristyn LaPlante

Special Thanks
Paramount Picture - Hamden Lanes - The Yankee Doodle - Adam Stockhausen - Adriane Levy - Don Titus - Tom McAlister - Yale School of Music Percussion Studio - Will Frears - Greg Wegwieser - Jack Humphrey & the Son of Grease Fan Club