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Awards and Recognition

When we started the Son of Grease project, we didn't do it to win awards. We did it to share the joy that is Grease 2 with as many people as possible, and the public response has been very gratifying. If you'd like to see what people are saying, you can peruse the Guest Book Archive at your leisure.

We haven't asked for it, but there have been a few who have deemed the site worthy of public recognition and/or awards, and they are listed here. Thank you all.

May 1997
Reviewed and chosen to be a
Cinemania Connection
by MSN Cinemania's editors.

March 23, 1997
Chosen as a Panacea Pick of the Week by
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency

January 2, 1997
Awarded "The Best of Internet" in the movie category by
(a German site).

November 3, 1996
Received a very enthusiastic mention in
Netsurfer Digest.