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G2 - Edited for TV?

On February 9, 1997, G2 aired on TNT (Turner Network Television, a cable TV station in the United States). Now, there's nothing special about this, since TNT and TBS show G2 several times a year. This time, however, we issued a challenge to the members of the Son of Grease fan club: identify what's been edited out for the television version.

What they found was truly shocking. The following moments were cut:

- The entire sequence between "Back To School" and Ms. McGee's opening announcements.

- Ms. McGee saying, "It's better to play with a group than with yourself." in the opening announcements.

- Johnny's comment about treating Paulette's "nymphoidmania" at the Bowl-A-Rama.

- Mr. Stuart's (Tab Hunter's) arrival at Rydell: the scene in which the Pink Ladies' car almost hits him and his first meeting with Miss Mason. The former scene contains Paulette's comment about "dying a virgin."

- The entire "Reproduction" number, including the scene afterwards outside Ms. McGee's office, which includes the "period" play on words in her discussion with a possibly pregnant student.

- Michael's essay deliveries to the T-Birds, including DiMucci's first visit to Michael's uncle's bomb shelter.

- The sequence at the Bowl-A-Rama in which Dolores sees Balmudo outside alone, tells the T-Birds, and they run outside, only to beat a hasty retreat when they find that all the Scorpions have arrived.

- On the football field, the Pink Ladies' cruel jibe at the cheerleading twins: "Virgin alert! Virgin alert! All male periscopes down!"

- Dolores' "pisses me off" lines to Michael outside the Bowl-A-Rama.

- Miss Mason chastising Stephanie for her "shoddy" Shakespeare essay.

The Son of Grease TV Watchdog Brigade:

Starr E. McClure (10 sightings)
jim futrell (6 sightings)
damir linic (5 sightings)
R. Sandlin (2 sightings)
Wyatt Phillips (1 sighting)
Rizzo (1 sighting)
Anna-Rebecca Morris (1 sighting)

Way to go, team!