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Why Son Of Grease?

In a 1982 profile of Maxwell Caulfield, Cynthia Heimel wrote:
  Maxwell Caulfield, a tall and heavily muscled lad with a shock of probably real blond hair and a sweet baby face, looked strikingly handsome in his Erik Estrada outfit.  He was wearing a sequined shirt, mean-looking dark glasses, dangerous-looking black leather trousers, and black Gestapo boots.   On the front of his shirt he had stenciled SON OF GREASE, one of many attempts in his one-man campaign to change the film's title, which he considers too drab for words. ("The Next Overnight Sensation," New York Magazine, March 22, 1982)  

We here at the Son Of Grease web site agree with Mr. Caulfield's opinion of the movie's title, hence our name.

Now you know.