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Guest Book Archive

May 2001
13 entries

favorite character:
favorite moment:you r your hi

name:Jeff T.
favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:The restaurant scene going over Hamlet. There's some nice chemistry there. But then again, I love that Luau! It's strange, after I saw that movie for the first time, I thought it was terrible, but strangely enough, I wanted to see it again. Now I think it's GREAT-- so quirky and packed with one enjoyable scene after another. (My wife thinks I'm insane - she's committed to Grease 1). And if we're talking about great scenes, let's not forget the intro to "Prowlin,'" when Louis drops to his knees and the pupils of his eyes disappear, or when Johnny and Goose are riding their motorcycles together and they're obviously propped up on a trailer. This movie is so enjoyable, although I don't quite understand why...
comments:This is a great site! Really. It's nice to know I'm not alone in appreciating this film as being worthy of talking about and remembering.

name:Shelley H.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:In the bowl-a-rama, when Johnny sings 'Hey Paulette, take a look over here, I'm your kingpin honey and I'm getting in gear'. Sorry I rewind that bit over and over and over again!
comments:Quite cool, I'm still in shock that there is actually a website for Grease 2, so well done.

name:Etta C.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:Biker's heaven.
comments:Very nice

name:Jessica T.
favorite character:Goose
favorite moment:When Stephanie tells Micheal what kind of cool rider she want
comments:Grease02 is my all time favorte movie i liked it even better then the first one this is the first time i saw Michele Pfear and she's great in everything she's done since.i jst wish i could see the rest of the cast in more tv or movies.

name:Mallory C.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:My favorite moment is Michael comes roaring into the luau.
comments:Pretty cool!

name:Kristy G.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:When there outside the Service station and they start singing: 'Well come on and tell us Jonnie. Whats the secret of success. You've gotta take a tip, from the king of hip, coz u know that he's the best.'
comments:It's pretty cool

favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:Song 'reproduction'
comments:wow its cool man!

favorite character:Balmudo
favorite moment:I like the whole movie. I am also a big fan of the 1st Grease as well. But my fav moment in G2 is definately when Stephanie sings COOL RIDER!
comments:Awesome site! Kepp up the fantastic work!!

name:darryle t.
favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:at the bowlarama "who's that guy"
comments:absolutly FANTASTIC so much to see do & sing along to. had'nt had so much fun in ages.

name:Natalie W.
favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:When michelle pheiffer sing cool rider and lets do it 4 our country and reproduction when she go i missed my last 2 periods and mrs mgee says u can make them up after class that made me laugh i love Grease 2

favorite character:
favorite moment:when they kiss and when, she sing cool rider and micheal gave steph a rided and when steph knows who is her cool rider is and they sing together
comments:I love theis site the best

name:Sabina B.
favorite character:
favorite moment: