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Guest Book Archive

June 2001
17 entries

favorite character:Blanche
favorite moment:My Favourite Grease moment is when Blanche plays the instrement for Miss Mcgee wants to make an anonstment and she goes into a world of her own.
comments:This is a great site because i have been looking for a site with the words for Grease 2 for ages thank you for doing it.

favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:Who's that guy at the bowl-o-rama.
comments:Great site on my favorite movie.

name:Nicole P.
favorite character:
favorite moment:when stephanie found out that Micheal was the cool rider
comments:love it!!!

name:Fiona M.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:At the Luau
comments:I love the site

favorite character:
favorite moment:tba

name:Ashley B.
favorite character:Davey
favorite moment:score tonight,prowlin,reproduction,we'll be together,girl for all seasons, and any sceens with davey!!!
comments:I LOVE DAVEY HES SOOOOOO CUTE and i love the movie and the music to. BUT CAST OF GREASE 2 IF U SEE THIS I LOVE U DAVEY AND PAULETTE IS COOL TO. email me someone

name:Ashley B.
favorite character:Davey
favorite moment:all the songs exect charades (ug i hate that song) and all the parts w/ davey. One of my fav songs was prowlin
comments:The movie is awsome i love davey and the site is awsome to

favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:I like the whole film, its my best film (i am a big fan of Michelle Pfeiffer, i have over 15 videos!!!)But my very best moment is when Stephanie is singing "Cool Rider" and "Love will turn back the hands of time". I love all the songs and i have the soundtrack. I would love to hear from any other Grease 2 fans my e-mail address is [email protected] i hope to hear from you. Luv Sally
comments:I think this is a great site! well done.

name:Sandra P.
favorite character:
favorite moment:Mr. Stuart's (Tab Hunter's) arrival at Rydell: the scene in which the Pink Ladies' car almost hits him and his first meeting with Miss Mason. The former scene contains Paulette's comment about "dying a virgin." I like when Stephanie is singing Cool rider and all songs
comments:So coooool like COOOOOl Rider

name:Jim R.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:"My mom wants you to come over for persghetti, at your convenience." something like that
comments:Excellent site. Three friends & I are obssessed with this film. In 1996, Adrian Zmed signed my G2 soundtrack. My friend (now my fiance) & I were so excited to meet him.

name:Jenny Bean L.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:When Stephanie is singing "Cool Rider"
comments:I will be visiting it more than once.

name:Kayla Marie W.
favorite character:
favorite moment:When they first kiss

name:Tommie L.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:The talent show.
comments:I really enjoyed looking at your site. I am very pleased on how organised and set up it is. I tried many different places and you seen to be the first one i could find. I am glad i came, keep up the good work!

name:Louise M.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:when michael appears as the cool rider.
comments:i think its brilliant. i have been desperately trying to buy the video but it's never in any of the shops i've been in. keep up the good work and hopefully you'll get more people interested in G2.

name:fabian lucero l.
favorite character:
favorite moment:ALL MOVIE

favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:I really enjoyed the "Girls for all season" & "Love will turn back the hands of time"
comments:I really enjoyed the site! I wanted to get some information on Paulette because she is my favorite character on Grease 2 and I didn't have her real name... Thank You for providing that... Keep up the good work.

name:Jennie H.
favorite character:Sharon
favorite moment:I like it when Sharon and Louis sing "Let's Do It For Our Country."
comments:This is one of a kind, because there are few Grease 2 websites.