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Guest Book Archive

August 1997
13 entries

name:Diana M.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:The bowlarama scene
comments:Totally cool dude!!!

name:Juliet S.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:the reproduction number

favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:Both Bowling Scenes
comments:It is really cool

name:Belinda S.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:At the end one everyone winds up w/ the one they Luv.
comments:I think it is sooooo Fab!!!!!

name:Casey S.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:Love will turn back the hands of time.
comments:Cool!!!It would so rock if you played a sample of the songs!

name:jennifer j. b.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:when Michael takes off his goggles at the luai, and Stephanie sees him for the first time.
comments:This is my favorite movie and I am glad that there is a webpage dedicated to it.

name:Phil G.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:The Shower scene "Mr Sandman bring me that dream"
comments:Cool site man!!!!!!!

name:Debbie N.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:When Stephanie is singing Cool Rider
comments:Excellent! I'm happy to see that there are other people that appreciate this movie like we do. There is always so much praise for Grease but none for Grease 2. I was looking on the web for something that would have the words to the songs. Thank you.

name:Marisa Kaye K.
favorite character:
favorite moment:Stephanie singing "Cool Rider" to Michael Davey and Stephanie dancing at the bowlarama When Stephanie leaves the gas station to be with Michael Any time Michael smiles Sharon and Louis in the bomb shelter.
comments:Great web site!! Love it and the movie. Got the soundtrack memorized.

name:Jess H.
favorite character:Frenchy
favorite moment:I don't have one, Grease 2 stinks!
comments:It's Ok, I guess.

name:Adrienne J. N.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:If the moment has Paulete Rebchuck ( Lorna Luft ) in it then it's great she is my idol. And I completly believe that her talent is very much underated and that she should have had a solo. If there are any other Lorna Luft fans I can no longer be reached at HLBLK128 Noe u can reach me at YeloRose3 feel free I look foward to hearing from u. Thanx and Lorna Luft Rulz!!!!!!!
comments:2 thumbs up!!!!!

favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:All scenes where they sing I think they're all so talented!!!!
comments:I think it's pretty good

favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:The graduation !!!!
comments:I haven't seen it all but it's good from what i've seen so far.