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Guest Book Archive

September 1997
13 entries

name:Jamie S.
favorite character:Sharon
favorite moment:Who's that guy

name:Jennifer S.
favorite character:Sharon
favorite moment:End of the movie.
comments:cool web site

name:Kim P.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:That long, sliding guitar riff as Michael jumps from the top of the wall onto his motorcycle at the luau.
comments:Wow. Astounding. Truly worthy of the film. Two bad double entendres up.

name:Megan R.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:My favorite part is cool rider.

name:Ryan R.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:Score tonight

name:jeffrey c. g.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:michael putting on the t-bird jacket
comments:good site. i would like to read more about the filming/making of grease 2. some of the inside info, dirt, weird things you may not easily pickup watching the movie

name:Brenda h.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:Talent show definately
comments:This is so great. I didn't think that there were people who loved G2 as much as I did.

name:Jessica K.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:My favorite Grease 2 moment is when Steffany sing "Cool Rider" and when she sings "Love will turn back the hands of time" at the talent show.
comments:I think this site was pretty cool!

name:SANDY D.
favorite character:Sharon
favorite moment:COOL COOL RIDER A GIRL FOR ALL SEASONS (talent show)

favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:When Michael appears at the Luau. When he takes off his goggles and reveals to everyone that he is Michael.
comments:It needs some trivia questions, and bloppers.

name:Darlene Garcia a.k.a. R.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:Don't you think that's kind of weird? not....weird,weird but like exciting weird? Another fav. of mine is : so that's the way it's gonna be huh ms. independent? yeah independent Ikiss who Iwant when Iwant.Ican kiss the next guy who walks through that door if I wanted to.And my other fav. are Reproduction, Cool Rider,and the scene at the lockers with the girls at the beginning of the movie.Rhonda,I wouldn't fool around with mother nature if I were you. You fooled around with everyone else Paulette. Ah, shut up. :)
comments:I love Grease and Grease2 !!!! Michelle Pfeiffer has everything I want. Blonde hair,light eyes, real light skin, fame,money,love,and above all those incredible CHEEKBONES!!!!!!!!! Maxwell Caulfield looks good in the movie(especially his booty)

name:Uta K.
favorite character:
favorite moment:When everybody went to that place and started singing and dancing and stuff. It make me laugh all funny.
comments:I think that this movie is quite a good representation of how younger people are like and how they like to spend their time. It is not good that they smoke, though.

name:Edward K.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:I have more than one. I liked the scene when they were at the bowling alley. I liked the scene when Micheal shows up letting Balmodo have it.
comments:Hi I saw Grease 2 at the theater & I own that video also. I liked it better than the first Grease. Plus you have a great Website. So when you have a chance, my URL is: Come on down there tell me what you like on it & sign my guestbook. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Edward Kleiner