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Guest Book Archive

March 1999
5 entries

favorite character:
favorite moment:My grease favorite moment is when Luis was singing "Lets Do It For Our Country" to Sharon because hes so funny and cute. I also like Stephine and Michael because they are a cute couple Your fan, Monica
comments:I love the web site!

favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:How many do I get to pick?! I love the "Let's Do It For Our Country" scene (that song is great!). I love the ending - such a sweet moment between Michael and Steph. Love the "Cool Rider" scene. Actually, there are so many favorites, it'd be hard to list them all. One thing that I also really like is the "behind the main character" action. The facial expressions and actions of those who are in the background of the scenes are wonderful. For instance, watch Michael while the class is singing "Reproduction." He warms up to the song and starts singing in the end, but watch him in the beginning of it.
comments:Great site! Very well done. (Comment on another poster's comments, though: You've Got Mail isn't a remake of G2. It's a remake of Little Shop on the Corner (Jimmy Stewart). If you're in doubt about that, just look at the name of her shop!)

name:Joyce C.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:when Stephanie is singing Cool Rider
comments:I really like the website. I would like to join the club, so I can visit the website that only the club members can.

favorite character:
favorite moment:
comments:I got a jacket from somebody that worked on grease 2, it's one of the pink ladies jackets, but the chest patch says "Sandy". I'm a bit confused because I know that Sandy wasn't in the movie, but the style is the same as the rest on G2. Do you know if there were scenes where this jacket was filmed and cut out or if there were script revisions that originally called for the jacket? Incidentally, the jacket is on sale at ebay. Thanks Robodog

name:Caz B.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:steph sinnging cool rider
comments:it's brill