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Guest Book Archive

May 1999
3 entries

name:Patti J
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:When michael is being chased by the t-birds...he is shown going into a construction zone and we are to surmise that he has jumped a 100 feet cross section safely.
comments:LOVED IT.

favorite character:
favorite moment:when michael give steph a rided. and i like when steph sing cool rider. I like when he sing. and I like when everboby sew cool rider and I like when micael show ever one he micheal. and when steph and michea kiss, sing, and rided of together.
comments:I injoy looking at it. It good I love it I love GREASE and GREASE 2. IT the best.

name:lauren w.
favorite character:Sharon
favorite moment:my favorite moment was at the tallnet show
comments:it is great.