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Guest Book Archive

August 1999
13 entries

name:be d.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:You fooled around with everyone else, Paulette- Wanda

name:Marie D.
favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:KAPLANG!!!! NUCULOID WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a neat joint: Nuculoid shelter, yeah it's private. It's good for homework, or other activities involving student bodies...
comments:AWESOME!!!! Grease 2 Kick ass!!!!

name:Linn G.
favorite character:
favorite moment:When Paulette sing "Hey Jhonny, Jhonny go for that stright and I just might be your baby tonight" in the song Score tonight.
comments:Seen better

favorite character:
favorite moment:The Bomb Shelter, Cool Rider, The Hamburger Bar, We will be together, Turn back the hands of..., Score tonight Song... well, the whole movie i guess (comments)

name:Jann L.
favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:I absolutely ADORE when Louis and Sharon sing Let's Do It For Our Country. I stop everything to mouth the words right along with them...

name:Sara S.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:I love the luau, when the entire cast is singing the end song. And when Stephanie sings "Love Will Turn Back The Hands of Time." And... Who can choose a favorite part in this movie? It's all great!
comments:I love this site! My dad said, nobody liked that movie but me. I proved him wrong with the guest list!

favorite character:
favorite moment:
comments:a very needed web site.

name:kelly b.
favorite character:Rhonda
favorite moment:when they are singing score tonight and reproduction
comments:it is good

favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:When Stephanie first gets to talk to the 'Lone Rider'

favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:Brad

name:Sabrina D.
favorite character:Johnny Nogerelli
favorite moment:Stephanie and Johnny are floating on "The Pool of Enchantment" draped in alpaca robes and wearing silly paper crowns, being as they are the King and Queen of the Luau. Johnny has one ankle propped up on the other knee with a cigarette dangling precariously from his upper lip. He is plaining enjoying himself. Opposite him, Stephanie is sulking. Johnny, unable to understand that she is very unhappy over losing her Cool Rider because of his and the T-Birds' antics, chides her in an affected voice. "C'mon, we're havin' a good time. It's a luau!" Then his cigarette drops into his crotch.
comments:There is a God! Thank heavens for my fellow Grease 2 devotees. I have loved this movie since I was five years old. At first I liked Michael, but as I matured I realized that Johnny was the true studmuffin. When he does his little dance for Paulette on the bowling lane, I melt. When he bumps and grinds his hips during "Prowlin'", I swoon. Perhaps the pull of Grease 2 is is soundtrack with songs that are fun to sing as well as full of double entendres, dialogue that contains very witty comebacks, and the sheer joy that is projected form the actors as they strut across the screen. Perhaps this was not amongst their finest moments, but they really make you feel the overaundance of hormones and the thrill of motorcycles. This is the first movie I ever bought with my own money.

name:Paige S.
favorite character:Michael Carrington
favorite moment:My favorite Grease 2 moment is the scene where eevryone sings "Cool Rider." We need guys like this in real life....tough and willing to go the mile for a girl they love.
comments:Very kool website....i'm impressed someone was smart enough to get this site started. I love this movie more than the original.

name:Mikkii S.
favorite character:Paulette Rebchuck
favorite moment:Paulette singing "Hey Johnny Johnny..."
comments:Thanks for being here! I get so much shit from my friends for owning this movie. It's nice to know there are others out there.