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Guest Book Archive

September 1999
10 entries

name:Angie W.
favorite character:
favorite moment:
comments:its a brill web site I was looking for things to do with grease 2 fo my GCES textile coures work and now I have founf this page I am happy if there is any thing else pesae e-mail me Angie

name:Blanche D.
favorite character:
favorite moment:None of them!
comments:You really spent a lot of time on this webiste for this terrible movie didn't you? Well, don't waste your youth. But then again, you shouldn't listen to me, because I seduced a 17 year old boy, laid more than God knows how many men, and now I'm in this mental home because my barbarian brother in law is such an ape!

name:alana b.
favorite character:
favorite moment:
comments:just wanted to sign this again so i can join the fan club!

favorite character:Louis Dimucci
favorite moment:I have so many. I really like the part were the T-birds are giving Micheal a hard at the lockers and Johnny opens the locker and all the T-birds go "Hum! Hum! Hum!" I also like the end of Cool Rider when Louis goes up to Micheal and just looks at Steph singing and he doesn't even ask what it was about. I just love Louises little dance at the gas station in "Prowlin" and when he opens his mouth for no reason in the same song. But over all my fav part has got to be at the bomb shelter, ecspecailly when Louis yells "CABLAM! NUCLEARIDE WAR". I can watch that part a zillion times.
comments:Great site! I don't think people should be complaining about the site. (I'd like to see them do better) Some comments about the movie. I think Peter Frechette is such a cutie in this movie. He has a wonderful voice also. You know he did sing on broadway for a few years. If you know a way of contacting Peter Frechette PLEASE email me at [email protected] . I have been trying to contact him for ever. You know what I just relized. Goose McKenzie(Christopher McDonald) is the bad guy in Happy Gilmour.

name:Amy M.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:Bowling scene.

name:Tracey B.
favorite character:Stephanie Zinone
favorite moment:Everything!Especially when they sing Prowling
comments:Its ace and so is Grease 2.A real tribute!

name:ashleigh ..
favorite character:
favorite moment:the song score tonite and all seasons most of the songs really
comments:this web site is really. i just came here and got everything i neede but if youtr trying to find something it's a bit difficult.

name:Lauren W.
favorite character:
favorite moment:When they were kissing at the lockers
comments:It is a great Web Site

name:emily from m.
favorite character:
favorite moment:when johnny slides down the bowling lane then starts singin"hey paulette take a look over here i'm your king pin honey and i'm getting in gear"
comments:it's soo cool

name:Melvin H.
favorite character:
favorite moment: